Lautrec 250

Lautrec 250 (Seaford Heights)

Lautrec (Seaford Heights) – Virtual Tour


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The Picasso 250 is currently at our Seaford Heights display village.

Warhol 280

Warhol 280 (Seaford Heights) Virtual Tour

Warhol 280 (Seaford Heights) – Virtual Tour


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The Picasso 250 is currently at our Seaford Heights display village.

Lautrec 250 (Seaford Heights)

Lautrec 250 (Seaford Heights)

Lautrec 250 (Seaford Heights) 3 beds 2 baths 2 living areas


Lautrec 250 (Seaford Heights)

Priced from $200,800    Width 13.9m   Depth 21.1m   Total Area 252.9m2   Brochure iconPdf On display at  Seaford Heights


Lautrec 250 (Seaford Heights) Floorplan

Plans and elevations are artist’s renderings only, may not accurately represent the actual condition of a home as constructed and may contain options or furnishings that are not standard.

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Warhol 280 (Seaford Heights)

Warhol 280 (Seaford Heights)

Warhol 280 (Seaford Heights) 3 beds 2 baths 1 living area 1 study


Warhol 280 (Seaford Heights)

Priced from $212,700  Width 17.1m   Depth 21.3m   Total Area 272m2   Brochure iconPdf On display at  Seaford Heights


Warhol 280 (Seaford Heights) floorplan

Plans and elevations are artist’s renderings only, may not accurately represent the actual condition of a home as constructed and may contain options or furnishings that are not standard.

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A stand out on the street

A stand out on the street

A stand out on the street

This Mt Barker couple enjoyed a smooth build experience when they chose Gallery Living to create their new home

A stand out on the street the Picasso

With plenty of experience on new house builds, plumber Sean King was determined -yet not overly confident -that his own home build should go. exactly to plan. "I actually met the work supervisor on site, which is a pretty unusual thing to do (for home builders), to tell him, face-to-face, how much of a pain in the butt I might be -I wanted to pre warn him," Sean says. "I've been on millions of build sites and I was pretty pessimistic going into (this build). "I know how many issues people have with a lot of the builders out there."

To Sean's surprise, his own experience was virtually problem-free, which he attributes to the professionalism of his builder, Gallery Living. Sean and his painter-decorator wife Kelly wanted to build a unique home for their Mt Barker corner block, that resembled nothing else on their street, and chose Gallery Living for the array of building materials they use, including heel. After selecting Gallery Living's Picasso 200 four-bedroom, two-bathroom design as the base, the couple set about modifying it to make it one of a kind.

They started by removing the fourth bedroom and the laundry, then slightly increased the double garage to install a European-style laundry there. The extra floor space created by eliminating
two rooms allowed the kitchen to be relocated and its orientation rotated 90 degrees so that the breakfast bar faced into the dining and living areas. A walk-through wardrobe, connecting the master bedroom and ensuite, was included in the modified plans, as well as a dedicated library space with nooks for book shelves in the living zone.

Sean says Gallery Living accommodated all their changes, enabling the couple to build a bigger home than originally anticipated and one that they will likely remain in long-term. "Our original plan was to build a small home and then step up (and build a family home later)," Sean says. "But the process ( of modifying the plans) was absolutely awesome. Everything we wanted to do, (the sales consultant) said yes, we could do that. '"If we'd had a salesperson that wasn't interested, and was annoyed with making changes, and wasn't willing to get us through all that, it wouldn't have worked (as successfully).

'With the work (to modify the plans), and the build, we're now of the opinion that we've built our forever home." Sean and Kelly, who welcomed daughter Saga shortly after moving in, now have a beautiful home, with a bold colour scheme that includes feature walls in terracotta, emerald green and navy. "(The decorating style) was all Kelly," says Sean, who saved considerable expenses by undertaking work on the retaining walls and other tasks, like installing the skirting boards, himself. "It looks really, really great. I'm proud of what Kelly has done -she did an incredible job with it."

The couple say they achieved their one-of-a­kind dream home and, given the chance to do it again, would only change the concreting outside from black to a more eye-catching aggregate. "If you drive down our street, our house stands out from everyone else in the entire street," Sean says. "It's the perfect place for us."

Features you'll love

European laundry: These homeowners didn't want to waste precious space on a separate laundry room so opted for a European-style laundry in the garage.

High-performance hebel: Building with hebel provides a greater choice of textures, finishes and colours for your home. It also has excellent insulation qualities, which mean lower home heating and cooling costs. and is a good option for bushfire-prone areas.

One of a kind: Ready-to-build plans are a great start but. if you want a home that perfectly matches your needs, make sure you find a builder who is happy to accommodate any changes.


31-Jan-20 - The Sunday Mail Home Magazine

This exact house model is no longer available, to see a similar house please view the  Picasso 195.


Thinking Green

Thinking Green

Thinking green

To receive the full benefit of "thinking green", plan well before you build

Thinking Green plan well before you build

Energy consciousness and the future of our planet is now an issue that cannot be ignored by any industry, and the home building industry is no exception.

"Unfortunately it's usually after receiving the keys to their new home that many buyers begin to think about energy efficiency," Longridge Group general manager Andrew Lindsay says.

"Solar panels appear on roofs and energy ratings guide the purchase of appliances." He says the best time to make a real contribution to the environment is at the beginning, when you choose your design and builder. By choosing a home built from the latest lightweight composite materials with designs that make the most of the sun, you can make a real difference.

The design can play an ongoing role in reducing your reliance on energy costs. Choose a design that optimises light flow but always be aware of the sunís track in summer. "Twenty-five years of building homes has taught us to take advantage of natural light and warmth to create efficient and friendly spaces to live in," Andrew says.

"Meet with your eco-conscious builder onsite to discuss the optimal placement of your home to make the best use of light and plan your garden ahead, including the placement of deciduous trees to provide shade in summer while inviting in warmth and light in winter. "Genuinely environmentally conscious builders now have an array of lightweight construction materials that can be used to add interest to their architecture while reducing the buildingís carbon footprint."

He says people find homes built with these materials are more interesting contextually, while designs that harness natural light provide a feeling of spaciousness.

"By using composite construction materials, plantation-grown timber framing and eco-smart design principles, builders can create interesting and eco-friendly homes that offer a blend of liveability and affordability," he says. Materials including glass, hardwood timber, autoclaved aerated panels (Hebel), compressed cement fibre products and steel cladding in a variety of colours and textures provide architects with unlimited design possibilities.

Timber has low "embodied energy", about 10-30 per cent of that required to manufacture steel. It is a renewable energy source. While mature trees are felled for construction timber, their replacements absorb carbon dioxide as they grow.


The Sunday Mail Home Magazine


Art Style

Art Style

Art Style

Gallery Living's Cezanne 255 combines a family home with modern art style

Art Style Cezanne

Modern art has played a big part in history and artists such as Paul Cezanne, a post Impressionist, had a way with cubist style. So taking influence from the artist, Gallery Living's Cezanne 255 home design has a square -set style with cube -like boxes stacked on top of each other.

This design is one of the variations of Gallery Living's Cezanne range and this one offers three bedrooms, three living zones and two bathrooms. Quite impressive for a home that is a mere 13.2m wide and 19.3m deep. But that's where two -storey homes come into their own, as they can cater for multiple living spaces by going up and separating bedrooms, and creating more space out of less.

The design on the lower level meanders inward and out with windows everywhere, with the double garage dominating a fair portion of space and the central kitchen acting as a link between the front of the home and the back.

The master suite is given a very generous space - looking out to the optional alfresco - and comes with a long, almost hidden ensuite (there's also a powder room nearby for guests).

Upstairs, two further bedrooms sit at the back of the L-shaped upper level with a bathroom, the third living zone and a media/study nook on the landing. The merits of this design include its separation of living spaces, an emphasis on the outside space as much as the indoor space, and sustainable practices in an elegant and interesting package.


25-Oct-20 - The Sunday Mail Home Magazine


A new outlook on the inside

A new outlook on the inside the Mondiran

A new look on the inside

Discreet from the exterior, Gallery Living's Mondrian 230 hides a new perspective once you are indoors

A new outlook on the inside the Mondiran 230

I love homes that don't give anything away from the outside. Case in point is Gallery Living's new Mondrian 230 design, which is on display at Miravale, in the increasingly bustling northern suburb of Angle Vale. From the street, this looks like a squarish design set on a corner block, and on arrival I initially struggled to find the front door, despite the double garage being in sight. I soon worked it out. This entrance is located around the corner and while it isn't that conventional in Australia it did remind me of many New Zealand homes where typically the entrance is along one side of the house.

Anyway, with the entrance found, I proceeded with my walk through and that's where this home takes on a new perspective. The three -bedroom, two-bathroom Mondrian 230 is all about an inside-out connection and that's only apparent once you are indoors. Privacy is a priority and from the street, the tall narrow windows don't give much away. The layout essentially follows a U shape, or C shape, depending on how you look at it, with the home comprising three sides which form around a central courtyard. On most suburban blocks this would become your main outdoor space/garden, but if you chose to build this design on a bigger allotment the layout would allow it to take advantage of views from any part of the home.

The first thing that strikes as soon as you enter is you can see straight ahead to the outdoors and this courtyard that is pivotal to the design. The second is how warm the home feels. To the right, a carpet clad (Tuftmaster 's Gulls Way in colour Evening Shadow) open study makes a snug space with room for a couch, desk and built-in bookshelf that anchors it nicely. A partition wall in matt black is a clever divider from the entry, as it allows you to see outside from any angle but also creates a space to wall-hang the television.

To the left is the first of the home 's three bedrooms and this one has a corner window which draws in the light. Again soft carpet dresses both this and the following bedroom, of equal size, and both come standard with built-in wardrobes and have easy access to the main bathroom which sits in between.

At this stage, I'm still in the first part of the U section and another doorway leads to the double garage which faces the street. From any part of this short hall the courtyard dominates your view via a series of full length windows and sliding doors, and it's a delightful change from the conventional layout of many modern homes. Gallery Living's marketing manager Jaye Smith says this centra l courtyard is a staple element of many of their designs.

"The courtyard is a multi-layered space, working to integrate the three distinct zones of the home with a communal space and providing a perfect entertaining or play area," she says. "Accessible from multiple points within the home, the courtyard can be a private garden sanctuary, or an entertainer's dream courtyard, all while providing a primary function of enabling the flow of natural light and air throughout the home.

The strength of this space is in its flexibility." Follow the window-lined hallway along the central part of the design and the master bedroom comes into view and takes up the majority of this section, with the except ion of a couple of integrated linen cupboards. The master has two sets of built-in wardrobes - always handy when you have a lot of clothing - and around the corner, the ensuite is bigger than some main bathrooms.

A long vanity with a huge mirror, a secluded walk-in shower with shelf, generous floorplace and a wall-mounted freestanding (Caroma's Urbane) bath are among the luxury touches. "When you are looking to get away, the master suite is quietly tucked away to the side of the central corridor, hiding an impressively spacious bedroom and light-filled ensuite with a feature bath for soaking away your stresses," Jaye says.

The third section of the design is the living hub and while the rest of the home is treated to 2.7m ceilings, here it rises to a 3.2m vaulted ceiling. I was quite entranced by this interesting roofline and its angles which I think add sophistication. Jaye says the vaulted ceiling is a cost -effective way of making a dramatic statement without wasting precious floorspace.

The family lounge/dining and kitchen combine in this large space, where from any point in it you can count at least seven full-length windows or sliding doors, connecting both the central courtyard and the rear-facing garden. Light isn't an issue and it feels warm and homely, dressed in soft pastels, dark carpet and a wall mounted fireplace is a focal point that zones the dining from the lounge.

"The layout of the Mondrian is centred on the interaction of the courtyard with the open plan living/dining/kitchen space," Jaye says. "The natural light that fills the home is the hero, and the styling has been chosen to complement that. Pops of colour were introduced in the soft furnishings, using a mix of textures and a broad colour palette to create warm and inviting spaces throughout the home." At the far end, the kitchen with its long island bench dominates in soft grey and white , with rows of drawers and appliances discreetly placed out of sight in the island. Hard-wearing Laminex in Basalt grey was chosen for the benchtop, paired with Laminex Rural Oak on lower drawers and Polar White in a silk finish on upper cupboards.

Following the style, two smart spaces sit either side behind sliding doors at the rear of the kitchen: a well-dressed laundry on one side and an equally stylish walk-in pantry with stacks of shelves, cupboards and a handy benchtop. "The kitchen is the hub of the home and surrounding this hub with all your utility and storage areas means you have a functional and convenient space for all your everyday living needs," Jaye says. "Rather than a traditional laundry room, which is located out the back by the secondary bedrooms, running it off of the kitchen makes it a usable and convenient space for additional storage as well as an easily accessible laundry room that helps you to multitask. "

The courtyard is a functional area flowing from the living space for a perfect entertaining area, or a safe space for kids to play in the centre of the home.

It's easy to work out homebuyers for this midsize design, planned to suit a minimum block of 16m x 30m, will be after a lifestyle change, a home that follows the aspect and offers energy efficiency, cross ventilation and other practical eco solutions. "The Mondrian is a perfect home for smaller families or those wanting to downsize," she says. "The courtyard creates a double opportunity at capturing the winter sun, bringing the warmth into both the rear living space and the rooms along the front of the home that would be blocked off from this natural resource with a more traditional floorplan. During summer when the sun is higher, the roofline and eaves stop the direct sun from coming into the home, and the courtyard allows natural airflow to cool the home."

Features you'll love

LUXURY EXTRAS: The Mondrian 230 display showcases mainly its standard specification with a few splashes of luxury, such as the 3.2m vaulted ceiling, the freestanding bath in the ensuite and the tiled external feature wall to the front porch.

OPTIONS AVAILABLE: The Mondrian 230 has the option of a traditional front entrance layout instead of the side entry as displayed at Miravale.

ON THE OUTSIDE: Making a point of difference on the street. the Mondrian is clad in James Hardie Stria 325mm in colour Monument; True Oak - Deep in Windspray; and Hebel Powerpane ls in Shale Grey.


27-Sep-20 - The Sunday Mail Home Magazine

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You’ll never want to leave

You'll never want to leave the Picasso 250

You'll never want to leave

You'll never want to leave the Picasso 250

Everyday life has a feeling of turmoil at the moment , so it's no wonder we're placing greater emphasis on the feel and safety of our homes and properties. Speaking from experience, I can say I've never spent more time in my backyard and garden as I have this year.

It seems I'm not alone, with many homeowners looking to integrate their indoor spaces with the outdoors to create calming havens away from the stress of day-to-day living. When it comes to building a new home on a courtyard allotment that incorporates these features, one design that does it extremely well is

Gallery Living's Picasso 250. Measuring 14.2m wide and 24.3m deep, this three-bedroom, two-bathroom, double garage design offers a peaceful retreat for families looking to upgrade their lifestyle.

The Picasso 250 design by Gallery Living is a beautiful family home that offers a relaxed retreat from the outside world

From the moment you walk into the home , which is on display at Miravale at Angle Vale, a feeling of calm sweeps over your body and mind. Gallery Living's marketing manager Jaye Smith says this relaxing effect is largely due to the amount of natural light that floods the design, created by the mono pitch roofline, angled to take advantage of the northern aspect.

"The Picasso 250 is designed to capture and distribute natural light throughout the home, particularly in the open-plan living area," she says. 'With its soaring raked ceiling, highlight windows and wide opening sliding doors seamlessly connecting with the side yard, this home gives its owners all the benefits and mood brightening that sunlight brings into a home, all year round. "

It's not often I find myself struggling to leave a room when visiting a display, however the Picasso 250's master suite has a certain charm, and again it's all to do with the light. "The master bedroom is located at the front of the home, with a spacious ensuite, featuring a Velux skylight to allow light to flow into the room but retain privacy ," Jaye says. The addition of a wall-to-wall built-in robe provides a discreetly functional element to a room that feels nothing short of tranquil, which is just what you should hope for in a bedroom.

Move back towards the main living space, you'll find there 's also a private lounge and a home office - a space which will make working from home something to look forward to. However, the main attraction in this design is undoubtedly the long open-plan kitchen , dining and living area , which features a high , angled ceiling.

This part of the home has a skillion roof, measuring 3.6m at its highest point, taking the spacious feel to a whole new level. That together with the abundance of high windows and sliding doors creates a light-flooded haven. The structural elements in this space also lend to the comforting ambience, as does the colour palette and furnishings.

"The interior has a crisp white internal paint palette which highlights the architectural elements within the home ," Jaye says. "The soft furnishings pick up on the earthy tones of the external colour scheme , with natural elements like leather and wood, complemented by the statement pops of dark olive green." An interesting feature in this space is the use of a carpeted segment in the living area, a cosy contrast to the stylish Quickstep compact flooring in cliff grey oak, extra matt, which covers the rest of the space. "Installing a carpeted section to the lounge area makes the area cosy underfoot and helps to define' the space and make it feel larger," Jaye says.

Keen entertainers will love the amount of space and storage on offer in the sleek galley kitchen,c omplete with a handy double sided breakfast bar at one end for mealtime. Overlooking the alfresco (optional), this part of the home will completely open to the yard - perfect for making the most of the warmer months ahead.

The remaining two bedrooms are down another hallway beside the kitchen, both with built -in robes and proximity to the laundry and main bathroom.

For home builders looking for inspiration, visiting the Miravale display is a must. Jaye says this display offers an inspirational delivery of the  design, showcasing how non -standard items can transform the home. "The display at Miravale includes some architectural upgrades, like additional dropped ceilings, bulkheads and window upgrades, as well as smaller fixture and fittings upgrades like tapware, kitchen appliances and benchtops," she says.

On face value, the Picasso 250 is a beautiful family home that offers a relaxed retreat from the outside world. However, it's important to not look past the array of energy efficient features. "All Gallery Living homes come with integrated solar power included in the price," Jaye says. "We make sure your new home takes advantage of the natural environment, for better energy efficiency and a lower carbon footprint.

"The orientation of your block is integral to the long-term performance of your home, so we will work closely with you to make the most of your asset and create the most comfortable environment possible."

We make sure your new home takes advantage of the natural environment

Features you'll love

NATURAL LIGHT: The mono pitch roofline allows an abundance of natural light in the Picasso 250 creating a calming retreat , no matter what part of the home you are spending time in.

PARENTS' RETREAT: The master suite offers a private retreat for parents, complete with a generous wall-to-wall built-in robe and a stylish ensuite with a long double vanity and shower .

ROOM TO MOVE: The Picasso 250's wide sliding doors completely open the space to the side yard , meaning you can integrate with the outdoors with ease.

RELAXING TONES: The crisp white interior is complemented by ashy-toned flooring and cabinetry, providing a warm , welcoming space.



23-Aug-20 - The Sunday Mail Home Magazine

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Picasso 250 (Angle Vale)

Picasso 250 (Angle Vale) Virtual Tour

Picasso 250 (Angle Vale) – Virtual Tour

To view price and details see the Picasso 250 (Angle Vale) product page.
The Picasso 250 is currently at our Angle Vale display village.


Picasso 250 (Angle Vale) video walkthrough


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