Connect with nature

Connect with nature

As we look to our gardens and suburbs for solace, we can expect to see our homes integrate a similar connection to nature moving forwards. That's where a design like Gallery Living's Miro 280 is already a step ahead

Staying home for the past six weeks has taught me many things , but one of the biggest is how important a connection to nature is for your wellbeing. It seems I'm not alone in that mentality either, all you have to do is look at the amount of people gardening and going for walks throughout the day. Experts refer to this connection as 'biophilia' and moving forward , it's an idea that will likely influence the way we design our homes.

When it comes to homes that encourage this connection, Gallery Living's Miro 280 is already a step ahead. On display at Aston Hills estate at Mt Barker, this unique four-bedroom, two-bathroom design positions every bedroom and living space so it connects to a tree-lined courtyard or garden space - instead of just a side fence or a neighbouring property. The result is a burst of fresh greenery through every window and it certainly creates a magnificent outlook and is something to aspire to.

Gallery Living's marketing manager Jaye Smith says the way the Miro 280 works with the surrounding landscape makes it a particularly out standing home to live in. "The Miro 280 has a strong integration with outdoor spaces thanks to the central courtyard, gorgeous sliding doors throughout the living areas and full height louvre windows," she says. "It can completely open up all the living spaces to the outdoors as well as from the master bedroom."

Designed to suit a traditional sized allotment with a minimum 18m frontage - including a double garage - Jaye says the Miro It's a well considered family home, designed with a young family in mind," she says. "The home is zoned extremely well with limited hallways and sunlit areas throughout, with passive surveillance but separation happening at the same time." The layout of Miro 280 is designed around two central courtyards, with a living area, master bedroom and ensuite, and double garage in the first half, and beyond the courtyards, an open plan living, three bedrooms, laundry and bathroom.

The open-plan living/dining/kitchen area will draw your attention with two sets of sliding doors opening the space to the undercover outdoor entertaining area and backyard. As someone who has found themselves in a cooking frenzy over the past month, the Miro 280's kitchen captured my attention on a whole other level. First I admired the stylish Essastone benchtop and Laminex cabinetry, then when you look a bit closer you discover a kitchen that's equipped to handle family living with ease.

"The open-plan pantry is a standout in this kitchen and ensures ingredients and tools are right on hand for anyone cooking," Jaye says. "The generous storage ensures that the kitchen is clutter-free and elegantly streamlined when not in use, perfect for handling the storage needs of family bulk purchases or the kitchen gadgets."

Another key element in this space is the clever use of windows to encourage natural airflow and amplify the spacious feel. "The floor-to-ceiling louvre windows across the dining space provide natural airflow through the kitchen and dining areas, removing any unwanted food smells and bringing in natural light for the preparation space," Jaye says. "Gallery Living is always looking for ways to bring the outside in and a window splashback in the kitchen does this in a simple and cost-effective manner."

Another key connection to the outdoors is the addition of an alfresco kitchen (an optional extra). "The outdoor kitchen is a popular upgrade we commonly see our clients include," Jaye says. "The additional cooking area is great for entertainers and South Australians love to be outdoors."

It's easy to get sidetracked by the openness of the living areas in the Miro 280, however the bedrooms don't lose out when it comes to encouraging the outdoors inside. The master suite has sliding doors connecting it to the tree-lined internal courtyard, creating a serene space for homeowners. The bedroom also includes a long built-in wardrobe, a generous ensuite and adjacent is a private lounge creating an extended adults' zone. The three minor bedrooms are toward the rear of the home, all with built-in robes and tall windows encouraging natural light in. The bathroom is next to the bedrooms and is split into three areas to assist with the morning routine.

Head to the centre of the home and you'll find a private study hidden behind a green sliding door. Jaye says in our current climate, designated spaces for work and study are essential and she expects them to become popular in future house designs. "It gives you a focused space away from the distractions of the living areas to work and also provides a defined space you can close the door on at the end of your work day," she says.

The clever layout and a home with a sleek facade, finished in a mix of sustainable materials, is perfectly contrasted by green foliage on display. "A play on grey is very much a popular palette, but the addition of a tinge of blue gives some uniqueness," Jaye says. "The facade creates a simple architectural statement that should stand the test of time."


10-May-20 - The Sunday Mail Home Magazine 

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Designed with sustainability in mind

Designed with sustainability in mind

Finding a home that would be energy efficient, and spacious enough for a family with three children was easy once this homeowner chose to build with Gallery Living, writes Lauren Ahwan

Rising living costs are encouraging many of us to investigate energy efficient measures to save on household bills. While simple things, such as swapping light globes, are a good start, Johanna Milbank wanted to achieve much bigger savings when she built a home for the first time.

"I wanted to build a home that was energy efficient - one that maximised the amount of sun in the living areas to reduce heating costs but still have the house stay cool in summer to reduce cooling costs," she says. "That was my main driver (when choosing a home design). And it's also why I went with (builder) Gallery Living - they were pretty much the only bulk builder around that designs energy efficient homes."

After visiting several display homes, Johanna fell in love with Gallery Living's Monet 195, a four - bedroom (or three plus study), two -bathroom design with a central courtyard. Slightly modified to fit her Mt Barker block, and better suit Johanna 's ability to occasionally work from home, the Monet 195 also features an open kitchen-dining-living zone.

"The main thing I liked about the Monet was the courtyard and how the rest (of the home) was designed around that courtyard aspect," says Johanna. "But I also wanted to make sure we put the office up near the front door, so if I had clients coming they didn't have to come through the rest of the home."

Johanna says it took about eight months to build the home with only a few minor glitches along the way, including the wrong laminate being installed on the kitchen counters. But any problems were quickly remedied and Johanna describes the build process as "pretty smooth".

The mother-of-three, who has two adult children as well as a 12-year -old daughter, moved into their new home almost two years ago. While the home initially had a fairly neutral colour scheme, Johanna has recently introduced a brighter colour palette, including an apple green feature wall in the kitchen.

"I've also used red on a feature wall in my daughter's room, which looks really good," she says. "I've never done strong colours before. It used to be all white because I like that light, airy, bright feeling. Now I'm introducing a bit of colour - but not too much. I still want to keep that nice, white, bright look but this just brings a touch of interest to it."

While mother and daughter are thrilled with the home as it is, Johanna hopes to do more work to her garden, which includes an area for roses and wicking beds for vegetables. She also hopes to install solar panels to further improve the energy efficiency of the home.

The design has already reduced her heating and cooling costs and has also had other unexpected benefits. "The window placement and the (natural) light coming in give a really lovely feel," Johanna says. "I've even noticed the plants in the house grow really well - they love it too."


15-Mar-20 - The Sunday Mail Home Magazine

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The best of both worlds

The best of both worlds

When a young couple wanted a design that was both practical for a growing family and eco-friendly, they turned to Gallery Living for help with building their ideal home


Lofty feel: The highest point of the Picasso 250 raked ceiling is 3.6m, which amplifies the natural light in the home and increases the feeling of spaciousness.

Environmental edge: An em-friendly home not only ensures you're doing your bit for the environment. it also means the ability to cut costs on energy bills - which can be as simple as thinking about which way your home faces.

Nice 'n' bright: Large windows and sliding doors. plus well-placed feature windows near the dining room, allow natural light to flood through the home creating a warm and inviting home.

Cut costs: Yvonne says using hebel and hardywood plants instead of bricks "saved us quite a substantial amount in footings during the build process".

When Yvonne Tee and Wei Yang Ng planned to build their first home, they had a list of requirements they wanted their design to meet: an open concept to allow for their growing family, a design that was practical and simultaneously as eco-friendly as possible. Sifting through various builders, the northern suburbs couple decided to visit Gallery Living's Evanston South display after a friend shared his positive experience with the builder.

Drawn to the Picasso 250, the couple initially wanted to make drastic changes in order to meet their requirements, before realising the design's simplicity was what made it such a standout. "As novice homeowners, we did try to make radical changes to the design but soon realised the builder's plan had a practical simplicity that was difficult to match," Yvonne says.

"However, we worked closely with the builder to tweak the design slightly by changing the location of the study, the alfresco and laundry rooms, and a garage notch extension for motorcycle parking." The family of five, with son Edric, recent addition Henry and tabby cat Tango, fell in love with the seamless mix of contemporary architecture with an eco-friendly design. "The main highlight was the raked ceiling which allowed plenty of natural light indoors, and our plot suited this with its north-sided placement of windows and glass sliding doors," Yvonne says.

Designed for a traditional -sized allotment , sitting 14.3m wide, the four-bedroom home makes the most of the space available. The concealed front entry leads into a foyer, with a lounge tucked at the front of the home along with the master suite, which features an ensuite with a lavish double shower.

Walking down from the foyer, the home expands to reveal the dining, kitchen and living area, a functional open plan space with raked ceilings and an abundance of natural light. The inclusion of sliding doors opposite the kitchen and off the lounge area allow the space to be completely opened out - ideal for entertaining and making the home feel even more spacious.

A hidden hallway behind the living area reveals the three remaining bedrooms, nestled around the laundry and bathroom, complete with a double shower, a bath, a separate vanity and a toilet. With a build process of nine months, the couple was able to move into their new home just before Edric was born.

"The original handover date was March 2016 and the final handover was early June 2016 due to some complications during the build out of the builder's control," Yvonne says. "(Gallery Living) was very flexible and accommodating to our questions and requests." Despite the delayed final handover, Yvonne says as far as first builds go they couldn't be happier, and have now lived in their home for just over two years.

"It's a very simple and comfortable home; it has a bit of a resort feel to it because of the high raked ceilings and large sliding doors," she says. "We also get compliments about the house, which is nice!" The couple says their home is great for entertaining, with sliding doors from the lounge area opening to an alfresco which overlooks the manicured backyard.

"Since moving in, we have hosted a number of guests - the open concept allows up to a dozen people in the house as we use the dining, kitchen and living areas at the same time," Yvonne says. "We also have a barbecue set on the alfresco area, a must for parties!"

Given the chance to build again, Yvonne says there's a few minor details they would change but in terms of a first build they couldn't be happier with the result. "Our son loves to go out to the garden for walks and just explore the area. We have planted fruit trees and have a vegetable patch to grow our own vegies," she says.

"We are happy with how the house turned out - it is perfect as it is for now."


02-Jun-19 - The Sunday Mail Home Magazine

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A welcome change

A welcome change

After finding a block in the right location, this homeowner needed to find a design to fit its wide dimensions. Enter Gallery Living's Monet 195

Building to meet the requirements of an unusual shaped block can be a challenge, but for a southern suburbs homeowner it was a process made a lot easier with the help of a flexible home builder. When a block came up for sale in her favourite location, she knew she wanted it. The next step was to find a home design that would fit its wide dimensions.

"My land was very wide and not very deep. I chose the land I liked rather than finding a design and then looking for land that would accommodate my design," she says. Deciding to build with Gallery Living, the homeowner says the sales consultant proved to be most helpful, customising one of their standard designs to suit the requirements of her block and accommodating her wishlist and requests.

"Most designs suit a narrow frontage and longer block, I looked for a design I could turn around but that would still have street appeal," she says. "I looked through all of Gallery Living's display homes and this design had a warm, homely feeling to it.

"I chose to build with Gallery as I had previously built with Sarah Homes, I knew how they worked and I was happy with the build process last time." Based on Gallery Living's Monet 195 design, the homeowner was drawn to the zoned living of the four bedroom two bathroom home, which was ideal for her busy family.

"I liked that I could have my end of the house with a bedroom, ensuite and office, and the kids have the other end with their bedrooms and bathroom," she says. With a build process of about 10 months, the homeowner says there was a slight hiccup at the beginning which Gallery Living were quick to smooth out.

"Building can be stressful, it's not for everyone, I visited the site everyday to have a quick look and make sure everything was as I expected," she says. "There was an initial hold up with the site levels being incorrect and an amendment being submitted to council, and this held up the build for about four weeks. "Zenon, the site supervisor, caught up this time and my move-in date was a couple of weeks earlier than expected."

Inspired to create a relaxed feel within her home, the homeowner chose earthy tones to create a warm, welcoming interior. "I chose to have the rust colour on the Hebel, together with the greys on the weatherboard and Colorbond," she says. "For the interior I wanted a relaxed boho feel, with colours that were easy care having kids and pets."

The entrance of the home leads to an open family lounge, which flows on to the monochrome L-shaped kitchen and the dining area, with beautiful statement pendant lighting above the island bench and dining room table.

The spacious master suite has an ensuite, with a bath and a double shower, and feels like a private oasis from the rest of the home - a favourite feature of the homeowner. "The master bedroom is my sanctuary, the design I chose didn't have a bath in the house, so I chose to add a bath and put it in my master suite," she says. "I have recently repainted the room and it has a beautiful relaxed feel to it now."

The family has now lived in their home for just over a year and a half, and the homeowner says it has been ideal for entertaining and enjoying time with her two children. 'We are very happy with the house and I expect it will meet our needs until my children are grown up," she says. "In summer we spend a lot of time at the beach and in winter we walk or cycle around the town. I commute a fair way to work, but it is worth it to live in such a beautiful house and area."


10-Mar-19  - The Sunday Mail Home Magazine

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Monet 195 Why Love it

Monet 195 - Why We Love It

Why we love it: There are different variations of this design on show around Adelaide, but the Monet 195 at Evanston South is one of our favourite slimline designs.

The Monet 195 differs from the norm with the home designed around an internal courtyard. which we just love. It makes it bright. feel airy and spacious, and even on cold, wet wintry days you'll feel blessed that you chose a design that lets in so much light.

The Monet 195 comes with four bedrooms - one would make an ideal home office or playroom - two bathrooms and an open plan zone which divides the lounge from the dining.

But it's the central courtyard which will be the hub of your lifestyle, particularly with the stylish kitchen just a few steps away. Private, with a point of difference, this one will stand out on a courtyard block.


12-Mar-17  - The Sunday Mail Home Magazine

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Eco-friendly living, with a modern edge

Eco-friendly living, with a modern edge

The choice to move into an eco village had its challenges along the way, but once this family found the right design and builder to suit their unusual block, it was a fast build and a smooth process.

Living in an eco village is not just about minimising the environmental footprint of your home, but also about adapting your lifestyle to become more communal. For southern suburbs couple Tim Paul and Naomi Hughes it was the sense of community that drew them to build a family home in the Aldinga Arts Eco Village.

"We love the vibe and the community in this area, and I believe we have one of the best beaches the Fleurieu has to offer," Naomi says. Living with their children Ryder, 11, and Seren, 2, plus Rex the dog, Baxter the cat and Buddy the bearded dragon, the family wanted a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home that worked with their lifestyle and their conscious choice to minimise their environmental impact.

"We really wanted a good sense of space with open areas that could also be closed off for privacy," Naomi says. Their home also needed a private home office for Naomi's therapy work as a transpersonal counsellor. "We also really wanted a separate children's wing where they had their own space with their own bathroom," she says.

When searching for a builder, the couple needed to consider the Eco Village's requirements and the shape of their unusual allotment, which initially proved difficult. "Our block is kind of like a sloped trapezoid with the widest part being at the bottom, it was a little tricky to get (a house) to fit well and as a consequence we have an odd shaped yard - but with all the common land around us we didn't mind at all," Naomi says.

The couple started looking at Gallery Living's designs which are all planned with good orientation and cross ventilation in mind. Originally falling in love with Gallery Living's Picasso design, Naomi says they couldn't quite get the design to work with their allotment despite their best efforts.

"We just loved the Picasso and no matter what we did we just could not get it to fit on to the block," she says. "Years ago I also fell in love with a Longridge home and this is Gallery Living's adaptation of that design, (the Warhol 245), now with our slight adaptations."

The family's customised Warhol 245 has a unique floorplan that looks like an H shape, with two main wings on either side of the entrance which sits in the middle of the design, adjacent a central lounge that looks out to the backyard.  The design has four bedrooms along one wing, plus a study and two bathrooms, and a discreet laundry. The other wing houses the double garage and a long, large living zone comprising the dining room, kitchen and another lounge.

After settling on the design, the couple say they found Gallery Living were very flexible with modifications to ensure their build met the requirements of the Eco Village standards. "Our designer had an interest in energy efficiency and as soon as we had our first meeting we knew we were in good hands," Naomi says.

These requirements included the installation of non-PVC pipes, a minimum 20,000 litres of rain water storage and only using sustainable building materials, along with other recommendations such as north-facing living spaces, good crossflow ventilation, solar energy and double glazed windows.

With a fast build time of only four months, the family found Gallery Living to be extremely accommodating to any requests for changes. "Our designer and site supervisor were both very accommodating to our needs and also great at outlining the issues involved if something wasn't possible," Naomi says.

Having lived in the property for more than 12 months, the family has completely settled into their new way of life at the Eco Village and are over the moon with the finished result. 'We all have our space and we can all come together in these spaces, the house has a great balance of functionality, aesthetics and comfort that suits everyone," Naomi says.

"It's very comfortable and always gives that real sense of coming home when we pull into the driveway."


15-Jan-19  - The Sunday Mail Home Magazine

This exact house model is no longer available, to see a similar house please view the  Warhol 260.


Family life

Family life

Room to spread out and enjoy an indoor/outdoor lifestyle

Families come in all shapes and sizes. So its lucky family home designs aren't all the same. Big families may want lots of bedrooms and separate living zones and a good-size garden, others may prefer open-plan living to share with children, and some may like the flexibility of two-storey designs which add valuable living space on smaller blocks.

Three bedrooms, plus study/fourth bedroom, two bathrooms, two living zones, courtyard, double garage design.

Why we like it:
When you have a design with a choice of outdoor areas directly off two main living zones, it's an immediate plus for parents who need to keep an eye on children, but want them to have the freedom to roam outside in a safe, secure environment. Well, the 263sqm size Monet 265 does just that.

It looks out to the internal courtyard from both the front lounge and the open -plan living, which also has the bonus of a rear-facing alfresco. This flexible three-bedroom home (ensuite to the master) also has the option of a fourth bedroom, which in the Mt Barker display is shown as a study, so there 's the choice to have more bedrooms if required or three living spaces if not.

Good storage is a family essential and is well integrated throughout, and the galley-style kitchen offers a huge island bench for casual meals, prep and entertaining will be a pleasure.

A kids' wing, large living zones, an energy efficient design and polished contemporary bathrooms are among the Monet 265's other bonus points.


15-Jul-18 - The Sunday Mail Home Magazine

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The right orientation

The right orientation

Energy efficiency and everyday practicality combine in the contemporary Picasso 250 design by Gallery Living


Niche work: In the family living. a niche streamlines the TV and entertainment unit creating direction for your furniture placement.

Light and appealing:
You'll enjoy how light the home feels and how naturally warm it is as well.

Height and style:
Who can go past the raked ceiling and the highlight windows.

When choosing a new home, it pays to think about the long-term. How expensive will the home be to heat in winter or to cool in summer? Will it have good light throughout the day, and will it make the most of the view or aspect you have? All things considered, finding an energy efficient design that will help reduce your longterm bills and create a nice living environment is an ideal combination.

So look no further than Gallery Living's Picasso 250 design. Contemporary in looks, with a high-pitched skillion roof, a wall of windows and doors and a longish design, the Picasso 250 is all about bringing eco living to suburbia. This is the largest Picasso in a range of size variations, and the 250 display home at Seaford Heights showcases the design with one side facing north and the garage - which is a separate building - angled slightly in line with the block's shape.

Inside there are three bedrooms, a study, two living areas and two bathrooms plus a pergola and walkway link to the double garage. On the outside the home has been dressed in whiteish -grey tones and just as many of us will wear light or white colours on hot days, it gives a cool, fresh impression.

The front door isn't immediately obvious from the street, and instead it sits back a little way, past the garage and front living room, with a side facing entry point. It's a feature I rather like as it gives that extra element of privacy - and it  means you'll be able to leave the door open (security screen door still locked, of course!) to let sunlight or a breeze in without worrying that everyone going past can see inside your home.

The Picasso 250 does feel very private inside, with a series of long but narrow windows providing good light, and the focus is most definitely on the side-facing yard. The 15m-wide design is displayed on an angled block, but even on rectangular blocks, it will provide a decent-sized backyard behind the garage.

Its connection to the indoors via wide sliding doors and full-length windows is emulated throughout the design, with an easy flow of living zones along one side of the design and sleeping quarters running the length behind these main rooms. Gallery Living's sales manager, Russell Slater, says the Picasso 250 is one of the brand's most popular family homes.

"The Picasso design is a signature home for us and was designed to be a clever hybrid of highly energy -efficient 'eco' homes with the practicality of the modern family home," he says. "Energy -efficient home designs are rapidly emerging from niche interest to increasingly becoming a vital component of everyday family homes."

Built with lots of glass, high ceilings (2.7m rising to 3.Sm) and good insulation, and with louvre windows being used to their full advantage and for cross ventilation, the choice of materials for Gallery Living homes is one of the key differences of the brand, Russell says. "One of the principle benefits of avoiding using materials that retain heat for a long time - for example, concrete roof tiles and clay bricks - is that we can dramatically increase the glazing ratios of our living areas," he says.

"In winter this allows a large amount of light to stream in and warm the slab - the key thermal mass of the home. It's very rare for us to heat this home during winter days. "Also by using an external pergola with timber slats, we block the higher summer sun from coming through the northern windows, resulting in minimal use of air-conditioning. Plus, it's just lovely to live in an open, light home."

The Picasso 250's two living areas are a contrast: the front lounge is large but cosy, with lush carpet and black walls enveloping the space. It feels snuggly and nurturing, and is a space you would retreat to at night or in the middle of winter. The main open -plan zone is long, light and bright and extends from the entry hall, combining the dining, kitchen in the middle and family lounge at the rear. The pitched ceiling rises toward the external wall and it has amazing height, while the white walls and porthole windows add a coastal vibe to this long, leisurely space.

This large zone will be appreciated by families who want to keep an eye on children, whether they are doing homework, playing or watching TV, as well as those who like to entertain.  "It's perfect for families - or families to be - who like modern, energy-efficient designs and who place a high value on comfortable living with direct flow from inside to outside," Russell says.

In the Seaford display, a decked area separate to the house has an outdoor barbecue kitchen. It's a nice change to find an alfresco away from the main building, and this represents one of the many upgrades you can opt for. It's still within line of sight of the kitchen, but that's not a hard task as the kitchen is enormous, with its long island bench dominating the open plan and being the heart of the space.

A double sided breakfast bar at one end gives you a casual eating area, and there's plenty of bench space and a bank of storage on the back wall. "Everything is open and designed to centre around the kitchen," Russell says. "The style is clean and angular, which perfectly captures the light as it streams in." Like the front lounge, a carpeted zone frames the family living and this is a clever way to keep feet warm when you 're relaxing on the couch.


25-Feb-18 - The Sunday Mail Home Magazine

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Top Storage Ideas

An ideal downsizer

An Ideal Downsizer

Retirees or downsizers looking for a smaller home but with a double garage will find Gallery Living's Van Gogh 175 a top option

If you're looking at retiring, you will want a home that not only makes life easier but will happily accommodate the grandchildren. Sitting at 175.3 sqm total size, the compact three-bedroom, two-bathroom Van Gogh 175 design by Gallery Living is ideal for older families looking to downsize without missing out on modern features.

Features such as a double garage so you can securely park two cars or have some extra pottering space, a main open plan living zone, plus the the option of an alfresco out back. The master suite is placed at the front of the home, ensuring privacy from the other two bedrooms as well as good security, both an essential when the grandchildren come to stay.

Complete with a walk-in his and hers robe and a good size ensuite with a long vanity, the homeowners will be provided with a private oasis. Past the internal garage entry, the hallway opens out to reveal the open-plan kitchen, dining and living area which adjoins to an optional alfresco via sliding doors.

With the galley kitchen overlooking the living zones, and featuring a walk-in corner pantry and plenty of benchtop and storage space, it's perfect for entertaining family and friends. Behind the kitchen, a second hallway takes you through to two further bedrooms and family friendly three-way main bathroom. The bathroom is cleverly sectioned off, with a large bath and shower room, a separate toilet and wide vanity in the open powder room.

A laundry is placed next to the bathroom, and has backyard access and plenty of space to keep washing, linen and household cleaning items. Both bedrooms offer spacious dimensions, ensuring there's room to add further storage if required.

Perfect for a courtyard or villa allotment, this compact llm wide home is ideal for couples, singles or families wanting to downsize or simply enjoy low maintenance living without it costing a fortune.


07-Sep-17 - The Sunday Mail Home Magazine

This exact house model is no longer available, to see a similar house please view the  Van Gogh 190