Our Build Process

Our Build Process


Let’s get started.

It’s time to put our New Home Consultant to work for you! They’ll visit your block and discuss your design brief, ensuring we take into account the site specific considerations and advantages for your new home. If you don’t yet have a block, we can help with that too.

We’ll recommend the right home design to suit your block and provide a preliminary estimate to help you set your budget.

In this first stage, we’ll ask you for information relating to your land - such as the Certificate of Title and any encumbrance details - and we’ll work closely with you to finalise your design requirements and preferences.


Initial Works.

The next step is engaging surveyors and engineers for a site assessment and to provide the technical detail that will inform your contract preparation.

This step requires an initial payment of $3,000* which is then applied against your contract price.

We’ll complete the following:
— Soil profile assessment
— Preliminary footing report
— Site aspect and levels
— Preliminary plans and elevations
— Contract documentation


Sign and select.

Your contract is now complete and ready for signing. The contract pack includes:
— Working drawings
— Pricing schedule
— Building specifications

Upon the signing of your contract, a further $5,000* contract payment is required.  With these steps completed, we can then finalise documents for Council application and approval.

It’s also time to personalise your new home with a selections appointment to choose your internal and external colours and finishes. Inspiration from our display homes and Selections brochure can prepare you for this step.


Building begins.

Following the relevant approvals, we’re ready to co-ordinate the materials and services for your new home. We’ll introduce you to your Construction Supervisor, who will keep you informed of progress as they co-ordinate the trades and contractors to our high standards of time and quality.


Your brand new home.

About 2 weeks before the completion of your new home, your Supervisor will meet you for the final pre-inspection. The final step is organising a time to hand over the keys!

For added peace of mind, once you’ve settled in to your new home, we’ll organise a maintenance visit if required to address any outstanding items or defects.

Now it’s time to enjoy your new life in your brand new Gallery Living home.


* Initial payments are accurate at the time of publishing.  See your New Home Consultant for confirmation.

Gallery Living House Build Process