With a View to a Garden

With a View to a Garden

This couple modified a Gallery Living design to meet their need for a change of scenery

The Picasso 250 is a modern home that encompassed a functional plan and easy-living environment.

For Susan Bak and husband Finn, moving to Adelaide meant building a modern home that encompassed a functional plan and easy-living environment.

They achieved this and more with a warm home library, practical study, contemporary bathroom, and an ultra-modern living area looking on to a beautiful garden.

"We saw the Picasso on the internet when we were living in Alice Springs and we immediately loved it," Susan says.

"We really liked the use of creative materials and that it was't just a square box like our previous home. "We consistently looked at display homes but there was always something we didn’t like and would have to alter. By modifying the Picasso we were able to choose all the features we wanted and could position the house in a way that was more eco-friendly."

The garden was always a big feature of the design, which is why there are large sliding glass doors leading from the library and living room, providing views of the outside area and allowing natural light into the home.

"When we found the right block of land we rotated the design to the north so all the living areas get the winter sun," Susan says.

"We now have a view of the garden no matter which living area we are in. We have a pergola coming out from both areas, and we’ve just put a solar smart roof on the main pergola that has increased our 6-star energy efficient rating."

"Because of the shape of the block we had to place the garage at a completely different angle. We also created different-sized rooms to accommodate our furniture, so the overall house has a change of measurements and a slightly different layout but still follows the original design."

The open-plan living, kitchen and dining area is a real highlight for the couple, who enjoy spending time together or gazing into the scenic garden. "It gives us room to move and we’re not on top of each other," Susan says.

"We can see and talk to each other but we can also have our own private time in the library for reading. "Because there are spare rooms, it also allows us to have family and grandchildren over to stay."

The colour scheme is primarily neutral beiges and creams, with coloured features . The garden is under cover and paved, with seating and a barbecue area, and there is also a utility garden towards the side that hides the clothesline and water tank.


09-Sep-12- The Sunday Mail Home Magazine

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