Composite Construction

Composite Construction

State of the art building materials

As a builder bringing fresh thinking to home design, the materials we use need to enhance the form and function of our design and support our desire to create superior products with lower carbon footprints.

We use a wide array of the latest tried and tested building materials – carefully selected to contribute to the energy efficiency of our homes and the stylish, contemporary look that make them stand out.

You can trust that we’ve done our homework, and whether it’s glass, timber, Hebel, steel, or reinforced cement building products, we’ve chosen it to maximise your home’s performance and contribute to a comfortable and affordable living environment.


Using  pre-coated steel for wall cladding provides unique texture and flexibility that allows us to create interesting and appealing exterior finishes in a wide range of contemporary colours.

This progressive building material provides effective thermal protection against our harsh summer environment – reflecting more heat during the day and allowing heat to escape quickly at night. Used with the right insulation as a premium roofing material, it promotes a pleasant living environment all year long while reducing your energy needs.


Glass is an excellent material for both energy efficiency and sustainability. 100% recyclable, it’s among the most sustainable materials on the planet.

Well positioned windows and glass sliding doors provide natural light and ventilation. Double glazed windows and doors in your living areas are an excellent option for improving the thermal and acoustic performance of your home.


We only use plantation timber for framing our homes. No other material offers the design versatility or ease of construction. Unlike steel, which tends to expand and contract with temperature, timber won’t transfer noise or vibration like steel. Timber also offers a high strength to weight ratio.


Hebel is a strong and versatile building product made from Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC). Hebel’s thermal properties out-perform brick veneer, making it perfect for the Australian climate. One standard Hebel panel is the equivalent of 75 traditional bricks, which means you’ll be in your new home sooner without compromising on quality. Rendered Hebel looks great and uses less than a quarter of the resources of other masonry, making it a sensible choice for protecting our environment. Hebel panels have built in corrosion protection for added strength and are fire and white ant resistant. They also have outstanding acoustic properties, reducing and absorbing outside sound.

Architectural Reinforced Cement Cladding

Recognised by engineers and architects around the world as the ideal construction material for commercial buildings, we were quick to see the advantages of this versatile material for creative residential home design.

Timelessly stylish, the Scyon range offers a high quality finish, low maintenance, extreme longevity and design flexibility – making it an ideal choice for the construction of our homes. Cement cladding is also an excellent insulator so you’ll reduce your reliance on heating and cooling.

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