Composite Construction

Composite Construction

By now you know we have a passion for designing homes that make full use of one of nature's gifts, sunlight. It follows then that the future of the home we all share, Earth, should also influence our thinking. Take the building materials we use.

Our thinking is not cemented in bricks and mortar. Instead we use a blend of the latest materials to enhance the form and function of our designs….and help save the planet. We believe the only answer is composite construction.

With composite construction we can take the unique properties of a variety of materials and use them to build homes that not only look more exciting and are more livable, but have built in integrity combining strength and environmental sustainability.

Walk around our show homes and you'll see they are not just a facade. You'll notice our more generous use of windows and doors that welcome in light and reduce your reliance on electricity. And you'll be impressed by the clean, modern, aesthetically pleasing lines that can only be created with an array of modern building materials. Materials including glass, hardwood timber, autoclave aerated panels (Hebel), compressed cement fibre products and steel cladding in a variety of profiles, colours and textures are available. Indeed, the only material you won't find is dated and unsustainable brick.

And the options don't end there! Stria, Linea, Matrix, Axon, ceramic tiles, specialist cladding, porcelain panels and many other innovative architectural products are available for design selection with every Gallery Living original.

Steel Cladding

There is no material more quintessentially Australian than the corrugated iron that graces so many old homesteads. Today Gallery Living, with the introduction of our new steel cladding, takes you back to those grand days.

Our new steel cladding comes in a number of custom profiles not used since the 1930's. It's bolder, stronger and better looking than modern corrugated – it is the Gallery Homes difference!


Thermatech technology provides a new level of thermal protection against Australia's harsh environment. It reflects more of the sun's heat during the day, keeping roof-space cooler, then at night allows heat to escape quickly. The result; you always feel more comfortable indoors.

Architectural cladding 

Compressed fibre cement cladding products are recognised by engineers and design savvy architects around the world as the ideal material for commercial buildings including skyscrapers. Our architects have also been attracted by its qualities using it to create aesthetically pleasing designs, impossible to achieve with outmoded brick.

This commercial grade cladding is an advanced lightweight cement composite that allows architects to design buildings with a high quality finish, low maintenance, the promise of extreme longevity and wonderful design flexibility.

The environment is also a winner! Low "embodied energy", the total energy required to transform raw material into ready to use building products, is required in the manufacture of these products. Excellent insulators, they also reduce heating and cooling loads resulting in lower energy consumption.


Anyone thinking about building should think about Hebel

For a start, Hebel is an extremely flexible building material. It's also fire and white ant resistant and Hebel Power Walls and Panels provide great strength.

That's solid thinking!

Hebel also has outstanding acoustic properties, blocking and absorbing sound from outside and providing excellent acoustics inside. We call it sound thinking!

And Hebel's thermal properties are designed to out perform traditional brick veneer making it perfect for our extreme climate and for any cool thinking South Australian.

Rendered Hebel also looks great and uses less than a 1/4 of the resources and raw material of other masonary, saving on building costs while helping to save the planet we live on!

We think you'll agree, it was smart thinking to include Hebel Systems as one of our composite construction materials.


Let's not forget that wonderful renewable building resource, timber.

For us there is no other choice other than plantation timber for framing our homes. No other material offers the design versatility, the ease of construction and enhanced acoustic performance. It doesn't expand or shrink with temperature change and won't transfer noise and vibration, a common problem with steel frames. Timber also offers a high strength to weight ratio.

Because we believe in "Green Building" timber's low "embodied energy" makes it the only choice for our frames! Timber needs only 10% -30% of the energy required to manufacture steel and less than 6% needed for aluminium. Unlike those products there are also only negligible amounts of carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and volatile organic compounds released into the atmosphere in the manufacture of construction timber.

So if you care about where you live, don't consider any other material than timber for the frames of your home!