25-Year Structural Guarantee

25-Year Structural Guarantee

Since 1961, we have worked hard to cement our position as SA’s first choice for lifestyle housing. We stand behind every home we build, and that’s why we extend a 25-Year Structural Guarantee to people who build with us.

Our commitment

We will rectify any performance failing of the following structural elements of your new home:

  • Foundation systems, concrete and or strip footing, as specified in the Building Code of Australia and all relevant Australian Standards – where structural failure is defined as ‘Damage Category 3’ or higher; and
  • Structural timbers and steel in wall or roof framing as specified in the Building Code of Australia and all relevant Australian Standards.

Your responsibility

It is a condition of the 25-Year Structural Guarantee that you maintain your home in accordance with the terms of contract between us; CSIRO’s Guide to Home Owners on Foundation Maintenance and Footing Performance; and theHome Owner’s Information Guide which is provided at handover.

The 25-Year Structural Guarantee does not cover in the following circumstances:

  • site conditions that are experienced post-handover that are outside of our control;
  • damage caused by trees, storms, fire, flooding or acts of God;
  • minor cracking (as defined in AS2870, Appendix B).
  • renovations, additions or other structural changes (including significant landscaping and pools) undertaken to the home post-handover;
  • a structural failure caused by anything other than our workmanship or our supply of materials;
  • unforeseen influences that we may not have been aware of.

Who is covered?

The initial purchaser of a home constructed by us is eligible to make a claim. The 25-Year Structural Guarantee is not transferable.