25-Year Structural Guarantee

25-Year Structural Guarantee

We stand behind every home we build, and that’s why we extend a 25-Year Structural Guarantee to our valued Clients.

Our commitment

We will rectify any performance failing of the following structural elements of your new home:

  • Foundation systems, concrete and or strip footing, as specified in the Building Code of Australia and all relevant Australian Standards – where structural failure is defined as ‘Damage Category 3’ or higher; and
  • Structural timbers and steel in wall or roof framing as specified in the Building Code of Australia and all relevant Australian Standards.

Your responsibility

It is a condition of the 25-Year Structural Guarantee that you maintain your home in accordance with the terms of contract between us; CSIRO’s Guide to Home Owners on Foundation Maintenance and Footing Performance; and the Home Owner’s Information Guide which is provided at handover.

The 25-Year Structural Guarantee does not cover in the following circumstances:

  • site conditions that are experienced post-handover that are outside of our control;
  • damage caused by trees, storms, fire, flooding or acts of God;
  • minor cracking (as defined in AS2870, Appendix B).
  • renovations, additions or other structural changes (including significant landscaping and pools) undertaken to the home post-handover;
  • a structural failure caused by anything other than our workmanship or our supply of materials;
  • unforeseen influences that we may not have been aware of.

Who is covered?

The initial purchaser of a home constructed by us is eligible to make a claim. The 25-Year Structural Guarantee is not transferable.