Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Energy Efficient & Sustainable Houses

It's all about superior design, energy efficiency and sustainability

At Gallery Living we strive to design and construct environmentally conscious sustainable houses. The driving force behind this is to lower our negative impact on the environment and, at the same time, make the homes we live in healthier for us.

The need for environmentally friendly building is becoming ever more important to reduce the amount of waste and pollution caused by inefficient design and practices.

We are leading the field in this new, innovative building technology. Through the smart combination of products, systems and processes we build without sacrificing aesthetics or sustainability. In other words we build homes that look fantastic and are good for the environment.

Using a blend of the latest modern building materials enables us to build environmentally friendly homes that offer:

— Energy efficiency
— Thermal protection
— Superior insulation
— Acoustic solutions
— High quality finish
— Low maintenance
— Long-term durability
— Reduced building costs
— Environmental sustainability

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Green Design - to receive the full benefit of 'thinking green', plan well before you build.

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Gallery Living Energy Efficiency and Sustainability