It’s Party Central

It's Party Central

This young couple has room to share in the Dali Villa 170 design by Gallery Living

This young couple has room to share in the Dali Villa 170

An open layout and high ceilings create a feeling of spaciousness throughout this villa design. New homeowners Isaac Majba and Jessica Woods chose the plan for its compact layout that included three bedrooms.

"Some modifications were made to the display home," Isaac says. "The kitchen we built is considerably larger and includes customised appliances. I wanted more room for food preparation.

"We eliminated the walk-in pantry. This gave us extra scope to include pot drawers and other storage spaces."

The couple enjoy hosting parties and credit the expansive rear room with being the ideal space to entertain. The layout of the kitchen, living area and dining suite allows them to duck in and out of each area without neglecting the party. An alcove off the hall acts as a second living zone, ideal for smaller gatherings.

Without a wall closing it in, the room remains light and airy. Cosy furnishings bring a homely feeling to the open layout.

"Choosing the furnishings and interior design features was a lot of fun," Isaac says. "Jessica and I have very similar tastes. "From the colourful glass splashback in the kitchen to the painted feature wall in our bedroom and the decorative tile frieze in the bathroom, our design is unique to us."

A centralised study doubles as a cellar for the couple’s burgeoning wine collection. In contrast to the walk-through lounge, the room gives the pair a private area to store their belongings.

"Capitalising on the block’s potential was very important when building," Isaac says. "We scoured our plan looking for places to add storage and ways to maximise the design.

Simplifying the three-way bathroom into a single entrance gave us extra space, which we utilised in other areas such as our ensuite."

The roomy ensuite is an upgrade from the standard design, being nearly as large as the main bathroom. With two occupants sharing the home, the ensuite acts as the everyday rest-room, while the other is for guests.

"Having three bedrooms was a non-negotiable," Isaac says. "Not only for the additional resale value, but it also gives us the option of having friends stay over and space to expand our family in the future. The house is more than big enough for two at the moment.".


19-Apr-12 - The Sunday Mail Home Magazine 

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